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Menachem Pressler, Emerson String Quartet - Emerson and Pressler: Dvorak: Piano Quintet Op. 81, Op. 87

Dvorak: Piano Quartet In E Flat, Op. 87 - 3. Allegro Moderato, Grazioso

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Premier Launches Economic Growth Plan at State of the Province

The Manitoba government is changing its economic development practices.

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Tabitha From Tall Grass Prairie Will Be On Morning Light Thursday 8:30AM.

Tabitha will fill us in on a fantastic Craft Sale at The Forks Market in support of Anna's House, and educational and family support program in Ethiopia that helps orphaned children.

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Veteran Camps in Cold to Draw Donations for Community Dinner

For the second year in a row, a Manitoba man is camping outside Winnipeg's Thunderbird House, accepting donations for a free dinner for those in need.

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Happy Birthday Classic 107!

Five years ago today, to the sound of Beethoven, Winnipeg's Classic 107 came into being. And what a ride it's been! Join us throughout the day as we hear from our partners, leaders in Winnipeg's artistic community, and, most importantly, you! 

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In the Diamond Lane: Gwen Hoebig and Karl Stobbe!

The WSO's Concertmaster and Associate Concertmaster performed live in studio! Missed it? Watch it here!  

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107 Live! with the Winnipeg Singers!

In the Diamond Lane hear members of the Winnipeg Singers performing and as well as a conversation with Yuri Klaz! Watch it here! 

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In the Diamond Lane: The Nightingales

A 107 Live Performance, lead by Bill Quinn, featuring the newly formed "Nightingales" choir made up of Winnipeg nurses. Missed it? Watch it here!

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Fast Ends for Derek Nepinak, Legacy of Colonialism Continues

Just because the subject of human rights is in a museum, doesn't mean it's a discussion only to be had in the past tense. Human rights abuses still occur today, and those done in the past still have lasting effects.

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In the Diamond Lane: Wholly Jazz!

Jazz singer and pianist Helen White lead an ensemble of CMU singers in the the Classic 107 Studio! Watch it here!

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Flutist Susan Hoeppner Was Michael's Guest On Morning Light. You Can Watch The Interview Here

In town to perform with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, legendary flutist Susan Hoeppner was in conversation with host Michael Wolch on Morning Light.

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Could Inclusionary Zoning Work in Winnipeg?

Some Winnipeg city councillors were among those taking in a presentation yesterday on one possible way to spur affordable housing development.

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