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Menachem Pressler, Emerson String Quartet - Emerson and Pressler: Dvorak: Piano Quintet Op. 81, Op. 87

Dvorak: Piano Quartet In E Flat, Op. 87 - 1. Allegro Con Fuoco

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Safe, Enjoyable, and Still Free: Tickets Needed for Whiteout Party

The Whiteout continues in Winnipeg, but the street party will have a slightly different entry method for round three. 

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WFPS Gains an Eye in the Sky

Emergency crews in Winnipeg have a new tool that will allow for safer, quicker and more efficient responses to a variety of emergency situations. 

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Re-sellers Snatch Jets Party Tickets

Some people are trying to take advantage of Jets fan loyalty by selling the free Whiteout party tickets online.

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Bowman Makes It Official

The list of registered candidates for Winnipeg’s upcoming municipal election is up to five, with incumbent mayor Brian Bowman adding his name today.

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Grand Chief Honoured with Award For Work With Indigenous Females

MKO Grand Chief Sheila North received a prestigious award this morning for her work in support of at-risk Indigenous women and girls.

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Tina Fontaine Story Reaching the Other Side of the World

Emily Gardner was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, with much of her young life being spent in foster care.

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Province Cutting Back on Bargaining Units in Healthcare System

The province of Manitoba wants to cut the number of bargaining units in the healthcare system from 180 to less than 50. 

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Teen Charged with 16 Counts of Arson

Wednesday morning's multiple fires were just the latest in a long string of arsons by one person, according to police. 

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Iman Habibi was in the the Diamond Lane!

Iman Habibi is an award-winning composer and pianist who joined Simeon Rusnak in the Diamond Lane! Missed it? Find it here! 

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Maestro Mickelthwate was in the Diamond Lane!

WSO Music Director Alexander Mickelthwate joined Simeon Rusnak. Watch the interview HERE! 

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Saturday On The Wide World Of Classical Music, The Mother's Day Edition

It's the Mother's Day edition this weekend, with lots of wonderful and fun music dedicated to all the mother's out there.

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Fire ban rules across southern Manitoba

Dry weather in Manitoba has caused fire bans around the province. While the bans are all slightly different, the message is the same; don't burn irresponsibly. 

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