Winnipeg will play host to the 2025 Canadian Elite Basketball League Championship Weekend. 

Premier Wab Kinew, alongside Sport, Culture, Heritage and Tourism Minister Glen Simard, made the announcement on Tuesday.

“Manitoba is having a moment, and the Sea Bears are part of the excitement our province is feeling,” said Kinew. “We’re proud to host Championship Weekend next year, and we’re ready to showcase the kind of hospitality and sports excellence our province offers. This event will bring economic activity to our downtown, attract tourists and promote our province."

The province will provide $1 million to support the Championship Weekend. In addition, the Manitoba government will invest $450,00 over three years for the team's initial operations. 

“The Winnipeg Sea Bears’ inaugural season was wildly successful and demonstrates the passion for basketball in our province,” said Simard. “We are thrilled to support the Sea Bears’ winning bid to host the 2025 CEBL Championship Weekend. Bringing this event to Manitoba will bring our community together and will bring economic benefits for our downtown restaurants, bars and hotels."The Championship Weekend, which will take place in August, will feature a three-on-three basketball event, league awards and live performances from local and Canadian artists.  

The event is anticipated to bring in over 1,300 visitors and engage more than 10,000 spectators. The premier says the championship and related festivals are estimated to result in more than a $4.5 million boost in economic activities.

The CEBL launched in 2019, with the Winnipeg Sea Bears joining the league in 2023.