This week, you’ll have not one but two opportunities to hear the guzheng – a beautiful and ancient instrument played by a celebrated virtuoso.  

Wu Fei is in Winnipeg to perform as part of the Winnipeg New Music Festival on Wednesday evening with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra followed by a solo recital presented by Virtuosi Concerts the following night. 

A classically trained triple threat, Wu is a renowned master of her instrument, a celebrated composer and captivating vocalist whose music and programming takes inspiration from timeworn traditional pieces and combines them with modern sensibilities. 

Dating back millennia and known as the Chinese zither, the most common iteration of the large instrument features 21 strings, plucked while being played horizontally.  

Learn more about Wu Fei, her instrument and the music being performed in Winnipeg by watching the interview below! (Note: scrub to 15:45 to hear the performance!)