This week, Music ‘N’ Mavens invites listeners on a musical trip to the warmer climes of Brazil courtesy of the Nova Brasil Collective.  

The 10-piece ensemble made up of Canadian and Brazilian-born musicians, explores the vast catalogue of Antônio Carlos Jobim. Affectionately known as “Tom” amongst friends, the “Father of Brazil’s Bossa Nova” penned over 400 songs, popularizing the smooth, catchy, deceivingly simple style.  

From iconic tracks such as The Girl from Ipanema, and One Note Samba to later works inspired by nature, the musical collective is sure have the audience grooving right along.  

The Nova Brasil Collective performs Tuesday, March 12 in the Berney Theatre at the Rady JCC, beginning at 2 p.m.  
For tickets and more details, visit:  

On Monday morning, three members of the group – Osvaldo Ferras, Elizabeth Sadler, and Dhiego Costa – were in the Classic 107 studio to perform and chat about the show!