Fresh off a performance with Manitoba Underground Opera, tenor Kyle Briscoe presents a solo recital, “Requiescat, Rebirth” at Young United Church.  

A familiar voice in town, Briscoe has performed as a soloist with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Little Opera Company and was regularly heard singing in several lauded choral ensembles.  Last year, however, the University of Manitoba Desautels Faculty of Music grad relocated to Montreal to begin his master's studies in vocal performance.  

“It’s brought a lot of change in my life,” says Briscoe. “Being born again, entering a new chapter.”  



The homecoming concert gives local audiences a chance to once again share in his journey while also allowing the artist to reconnect with familiar locales.  

"There’s just that sense of home that I can’t replicate anywhere else.”  

Featuring repertoire explored in his first year of study in Montreal, the varied concert presents a plethora of musical writers...  

“All of my favourite composers” notes Briscoe.  

Brahms, Chausson, Tosti, Hailstork, and Emery will be heard alongside some of Briscoe’s own tunes.  



Having released several singles plus his first EP, Lessons, Briscoe has been busy cultivating his classical voice and pop sound.  

“I’m really grateful I have a foot in both doors,” says Brisco. “They both inform each other. Pop really allowed me to connect to myself and my story... whereas classical has been a bit of a different journey.” 

Building his instrument and developing technique have been at the fore of classical studies, while pop has served as an emotional and expressive outlet. Though Briscoe finds plenty of overlap between the two.  

“They’ve become married,” he says. Core in the sound of his pop vocals and classical repertoire that resonates at a deep emotional level.   

Presented by Manitoba Opera, with the Women’s Musical Club of Winnipeg serving as musicians’ sponsor, all proceeds of the pay-what-you-can recital go towards Rainbow Harmony Project and Rainbow Resource Centre.  

“Requiescat, Rebirth” takes place on Wednesday, May 29 at Young United Church (222 Furby St.) beginning at 7:30 p.m.  

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