The Children's Hospital Foundation has announced Manitoba's 2023 Champion Child who will be an advocate for over 100,000 children who visit the hospital each year.

Pacey Wall has been in and out of the HSC Children's hospital since age three due to intestinal failure. For the past seven years, he has had over 30 surgeries for his condition and is all too familiar with hospital stays.

Because of his go-getter attitude and friendly personality, he demonstrates the role of the Champion Child for Children's Hospital Foundation perfectly.

"I know if I believe in myself, great things can happen," says Wall.

Despite undergoing many procedures, including ones where his colon was removed and a colostomy was placed, doctors are not sure what's causing his intestines to fail. His longest hospital stay was six weeks, he even celebrated his birthday and Christmas, and most recently, Valentine's Day in the hospital due to his condition.

"Even though it sounds like it’s hopeless, it’s not. We have an amazing team here. We trust them and we have a really great relationship with them," says Kim Wall, Pacey’s mom. 

The 9-year-old boy can't eat solid foods because of his condition, he gets his nutrition from total parenteral nutrition (TPN), which is a formula with essential nutrients given through an IV.

Before becoming the Champion Child, the Wall family created and participated in various fundraising events to show their gratitude for the HSC Children's Hospital.

Today's announcement means that Wall will be an advocate for the 130,000 children who find themselves in the hospital each year. He will share his story and raise funds to support sick kids.

"Pacey is a hero in every version of the word," says Stefano Grande, president & CEO of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. "I can’t wait to see all that he is going to accomplish as a wonderful representative for all the kids who need our children’s hospital."

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