Temperatures soared on Wednesday afternoon to a record-high for January 31 in Winnipeg.

El Nino continues to bring an abnormal winter to southern Manitoba, with a daytime high of +7 at Environment Canada's weather station at The Forks. 

The previous warmest day on record at The Forks was set in 2009 with a temperature of +3.5. There is one other warmer day on record, however, of +5 at the airport, which was set in 1952. At 5 a.m. on Wednesday the temperature in downtown Winnipeg was already at +5.

Weather watchers throughout the city reported even higher temperatures today, with +9 being reached near the Mint.


The average daytime high for this time of year is -11.5, and the average low is -21.7

Tonight's low is expected to dip down to -5, before rising back above the freezing mark tomorrow, with an expected high of +1.

It could be a full week before highs are once again below the freezing mark, with Tuesday, Feb. 6 currently expected to be -2.