More wet weather is making its way towards Manitoba.

Environment Canada is monitoring a number of systems that are expected to make their way north of the border this week, including one low pressure system set to arrive Monday.

“The rainfall that is coming is going to be sub-warning level,” says Environment Canada meteorologist Eric Dykes. “However, [it] will have an impact on, of course, the saturated soils and overland flooding issues that encompass most of the southern half of the province.” 

That had the forecasting centre issue a special weather statement on Sunday afternoon. 

“The special weather statement was sent out yesterday as a ‘heads-up,’ if you will, for the abundance of rainfall that will be coming later on this morning.” 

Most of southern Manitoba will receive between 20 and 30 mm of rain though areas experiencing thunderstorm activity could see more, according to Dykes. 

“We are actually seeing some thunderstorms pushing up from North Dakota towards us right now but none have crossed over into Canada as of yet,” says Dykes who expects some thunderstorm activity in parts of the province today.

This week’s rain comes after a warm and windy start to the month of May.

“We were fortunate in the sense — if you can call it that — that we had a few days wherein the sun did show up and we had temperatures in the high-teens, low-twenties… that was good.”

After what should be a dry day Tuesday, even more precipitation is expected in the province as “unsettled” weather patterns continue for southern Manitoba. 

“It’s not the forecast that people are wanting.”



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