With under one month to go before Sunova, Noventis and Access credit unions will officially merge to become the new Access Credit Union. 

In January, members of all three organizations voted strongly in support of the move which takes effect July 1. 

It will be a gradual process to bring all three credit unions under one umbrella.

"We're doing our first banking system integration in November," said Larry Davey, President and CEO of Access Credit Union. "Noventis, that's on the same banking system as ours, they will move their system over. It'll have very little impact on present Access members."

The Sunova system integration won't happen until the third quarter of 2023, noted Davey. 

"There's a lot involved, so we want to make sure there's the least amount of impact on members as possible."

Meantime, the rebranding of all 52 branches and locations will unfold throughout 2022. Members can also expect new account packages likely coming out in the Fall. 

The merger will allow members of any legacy credit union to conduct most of their banking business at any of the 52 branch-network. It also allows Access to enhance technology for all members at a reduced cost. 

"So, members understand that this is beneficial to them," said Davey. "Are there members that would like to go back to the one branch credit union? There certainly are, and we'd all like to cling to that, where we know everybody's name. This is a little bit different, but we've been able to return 13 million dollars to members this year simply because we've come together and enjoyed those efficiencies."

Overall, Davey said members will see less of an impact during this merger than what they experienced in the previous one.