Venezuelan-born, world-travelled soprano Maria Brea makes her Canadian debut with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra as their concert season roars back to life after a dormant few  winter months.  

A proven talent, Brea has found success at competitions in Latvia, Paris and Cardiff, has sung alongside (amongst others) the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and Boston Philharmonic, and has dazzled audiences with her exciting renditions, committed performances and impressive range.



Her celebrated career is made even more impressive when one learns about obstacles overcome to achieve that international success.  

“I actually grew up in one of the most dangerous slums in Caracas,” recounts Brea.  

Her mother, a doctor and daughter of Trinidadian immigrants, and her father, a musician, made sure the home was filled with music and culture amidst the political turmoil and corruption that has plagued the country for decades.  

“(My mother) was fired unfairly for opposing the government,” says Brea. “We were not able to move up... we stayed in the slum.”  

It was through music that Brea started to make a name for herself, capturing the attention of the media.  

“An opera singer from a slum,” she says. “That’s not a normal place to find an opera singer.”  

Ultimately, Brea completed a bachelor's degree at the Manhattan School of Music before studies at Juilliard supported by the prestigious Kovner Fellowship.   

It is important for the burgeoning soprano to remember where she came from and share that story before gracing some of the world’s foremost stages.  

“Never make up a story, never lose who you are as a person,” she says, echoing the words of a benefactor. “Be proud of being Venezuelan.”  

Maria Brea and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra perform 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 27 at the Crescent Arts Centre.  

Music of Odaline de la Martinez and Alexandre Regnault plus some Mozart and Haydn for good measure. 

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