On September 22, 2023, in Winnipeg's North End members of the Winnipeg Police Service's North District Community Support Unit (CSU) arrested a known wanted adult male. 

The suspect, Travis Terry Lee THAYER, 31, was operating a stolen 2001 GMC Savana 1500 Cargo camper van when CSU officers attempted to stop him at Aikins Street and Manitoba Avenue.

Aware of the police presence, the suspect accelerated, rammed into the police vehicle, and fled at a high speed, leading to a collision with two other civilian vehicles. 

The impact made the stolen vehicle inoperable, causing the suspect and an adult female passenger to abandon it at McPhillips Street and Redwood Avenue. They attempted to run on foot.

With the collaboration of the North District General Patrol, the K-9 Unit, and the public's assistance, officers located and arrested THAYER without further issues in the 1200 block of Troy Avenue.

A following search of the stolen vehicle revealed a quantity of various prescription medications, including approximately 800 Xanax pills, estimated to have a street value of around $10,000. It was determined that the vehicle had been reported stolen from a business on St. Mary's Road on September 18, 2023.

THAYER now faces multiple charges, including assault on peace officers, evading arrest, possession of stolen property, drug trafficking, and multiple breaches of undertaking conditions. Thankfully, no injuries were reported during this event, thanks to the coordinated response by law enforcement.