A string trio mesmerized a Steinbach audience on Saturday night with a performance that was captivating and engaging.

Indigo Trio performed at the Mennonite Heritage Village as part of the Live Concert Series through the Steinbach Arts Council.

David Klassen, Director of Performing Arts, says he is noticing new creativity from artists as they create shows for live audiences.

“They need to reach further, and they need to draw audiences in,” Klassen says. “One of my favorite things that comes out of the Prairie Debut Artists is their engagement with audience. Many times, they'll speak, and they'll teach as they go, you know? So, they'll sort of help us to understand what we're listening for.”

Klassen admits that it is quite emotional to return to live concerts where we can share the entertainment experience with other people in the same room.

“To bring people into a space safely, but to bring them together and to experience live music again is actually a very emotional experience,” he says. “And many people have said how emotional they get just at the fact that they're listening and engaging in an experience with other people together.”

The Live Concert Series continues on May 5th with jazz musicians Erin Propp and Larry Roy. 

Written by Judy Peters/Michelle Sawatzky