The Louis Riel School Division is notifying the community of an incident that happened in one of its schools earlier in the morning.

The Winnipeg Police Service released a statement indicating that at approximately 11:00 a.m., the WPS K9 Unit was at Samuel Burland School for an in-class visit.

It was at this time that a child was bit by a police dog.

The child suffered from an injury and was treated on-site with medical care. After a discussion with the parents who were contacted and arrived at the school, the child was taken to the hospital for extra precaution.

The WPS made it clear that the canine involved in the incident is a single-purpose drug dog and not trained in aggression or apprehension.

In collaboration with the LRSD, the WPS is investigating the situation. Until further review, the involved canine is removed from active duty.

"Our in-school team of administrators and student services teachers, as well as divisional Clinical Services staff, are available to provide additional support to students and staff," says principal Ross Cathers, in a statement release. "This will allow us to assist any students who may need to debrief and identify ways to care for themselves and others. You may receive further communication from a staff member if your child requests support, and you are encouraged to reach out to the school team if you feel that your child requires additional support in the following days."


This is a developing story, more details will come when they are available.