The aftereffects of a recent cyber attack at the University of Winnipeg are being felt far and wide by staff, students and faculty.

The cyber incident first came to the attention of the school on March 24, and ever since then, the University has been working around the clock to determine its impact. 

"Regrettably, we are confirming that the individuals who attacked us stole information," said the University of Winnipeg in a statement. "We have now confirmed that data from a university file server has been stolen and that the stolen information likely includes the personal information of current and former students and employees."

All current employees and all former employees employed since 2003 have had their names, social insurance numbers, dates of birth, street addresses, phone numbers and compensation information exposed. Meanwhile, all current and former employees employed since 2015 have had their bank information stolen.

The list continues with each group having different information exposed. 

"As a proactive step, we will be providing individuals who are likely affected a two-year credit monitoring service," said the U of W in a statement. "This has been a terrible incident that has directly impacted our community, and for that, we are deeply sorry."

The school continues to investigate to determine whether others are affected and says they will provide further notifications based on their findings. 

They say the investigation will take time, possibly months. In the interim, the U of W has contacted law enforcement and the Manitoba Ombudsman.