The Brookside Cemetery is being recognized by the Government of Canada as a National Historic Site. 

The cemetery, located at 3001 Notre Dame Avenue, is home to the Field of Honour, one of the largest veteran burial sites in Canada, with over 10,000 military service members. 

The Field of Honour at Brookside Cemetery includes several elements that make it nationally significant. The veterans’ site features a collection of upright military monuments that cannot be found on this scale anywhere else in Canada. Also, the Tear Drop section of the Field of Honour is the only section in a cemetery in Canada where so many war dead can be found interred together in one section.

“It is fitting to announce the designation of Brookside Cemetery as a National Historic Site in advance of Remembrance Day,” said Kevin Lamoureux, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North and Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons. “For many in this city, Brookside is the final resting place of our loved ones, and it is a location that people frequent to commemorate those who lost their lives in service during times of war. I am honoured to join the City of Winnipeg in sharing this important piece of our collective story with all Canadians.”

Since 1878, more than 100,000 burials have taken place at Brookside Cemetery.

“As one of the largest and most important veteran burial sites in Canada, Brookside Cemetery is very deserving of the distinction of being a National Historic Site,” said Mayor Scott Gillingham. “The Field of Honour at Brookside Cemetery is a resting place to over 10,000 of our veterans. It has long been a respected and honoured place where we remember the sacrifices of those who have served. I would like to thank the City’s Public Service for their efforts in pursuing this designation and encourage all Canadians to learn more about the importance of Brookside Cemetery and its Field of Honour.”

Brookside Cemetery is also home to several prominent burial sites, including that of Sgt. Tommy Prince, one of Canada's most decorated Indigenous war veterans. It is also home to R.B. Russell, a leader of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike Committee and Lt. Harry Colebourn, who purchased the bear that inspired the Winnie the Pooh stories. 

Brookside Cemetery becomes the 24th National Historic Site recognized in Winnipeg.