A quick phone call could help someone in danger due to the ongoing cold weather.  

“If you see someone struggling in the cold and you don’t know what to do, call 211,” says Tammy Reimer, Director, 211 Manitoba.

211 Manitoba connects residents to community-based government, health and social services.

That includes locating an outreach team in the right neighbourhood to send assistance as soon as possible through Main Street Project, Downtown Community Street Patrol, St. Boniface Street Links, and many more shelters and supports, when you see people struggling in the frigid weather. 

It is a free, confidential service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in more than 150 languages, including 4 Indigenous languages.

While extreme cold warnings have ended for Winnipeg the temperatures will remain dangerously cold for people without shelter. 

Daytime highs are expected to be between -15 and -18 until the weekend with wind chills below -20. Meanwhile, overnight temperatures will dip below -20 and wind chills will likely be -30 or colder. 

Relief is on the way by the weekend with a forecasted high of -13 for Saturday and -9 on Sunday. Highs of negative single digits can also be expected next week.