The PVI family of choirs gives singers of all ages a chance to flex their vocal muscles and this weekend they toast their senior ensemble, Horizon, in an event called Lyrics and Lager

“This is choir meets beer garden,” says Johanna Hildebrand, artistic director of Horizon. 

Designed as a lighter concert with refreshments and a laidback atmosphere, the program features a wide variety of composers from around the world while also paying special attention to Canadian writers of music.  

“It’s fun! You can sit with your friends, and you can drink beer, and listen and hoot and holler,” says Hildebrand. 

Horizon, made up of singers aged 25 and up, is part of the PVI (Prairie Voices Inc.) group of choirs which also includes the eponymous 18 to 25 year old ensemble plus the recently formed Bluestem for high-school aged singers. 

“I can throw anything at [Horizon] and they just bring such a positive attitude,” says Hildebrand of the 45 singers that make up the group. “They always just rise to the occasion.”

Lyrics and Lager takes place at Young United Church on Friday and Saturday. 

For tickets and more details, visit: 

horizon lyrics and lager