Mayoral candidate Chris Clacio is the youngest person running and he hopes to remove barriers of oppressive systems if elected.

"I decided to run for mayor, since, back in 2014 I originally wanted to run for mayor just so I could be engaged and more young people felt like they were engaged," says Chris Clacio. "If more young people saw a young person run for the highest level of office in the city, then they can be engaged in any level of politics."

Clacio spent a year working with urban Indigenous young people in Winnipeg's inner city. 

Homelessness and Poverty

"It's not that we have a homelessness crisis but rather a homesickness crisis."

Clacio says it's important that people understand they're not living on their own land. Rather, people should acknowledge the treaty relationship with the Indigenous community. 

"We follow the people's lived experience as the way out of this crisis."

Crime and Crumbling Roads

Clacio is proposing to cap the police budget to 20 per cent of the city's overall budget. 

"One aspect I think we are missing is how senior administration of the police service manages their police officers. Right now we don't look at the data and don't manage our police officers."

In his platform, Clacio shared that he would change the current procurement process when it comes to fixing roads. 

"A frustration for me is the request for proposal, which means usually, the lowest bid gets the deal. I would change it to qualification-based process."

Clacio would increase the city's budget by changing the system. 

"I would replace a land-value tax over the property tax. If we tax the land evenly, that's an easier way to collect the funds from citizens."

For more information on Chris Clacio's platform, click here