Hey Classic 107 listeners! We've launched a great contest! Win tickets, passes and gift certificates by naming this bust. Who is the composer?

Classic 107 host Bill Richardson made this great find . . .

"I was in a second hand store, shopping for the usual things - clothing, cookware, mistakenly consigned works by Rembrandt - when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a bust; I mean, of the statuary variety, natch. Plainly, it had once served time atop someone's piano, for plainly it was a composer. But which composer? I had to look at the name inscribed on the base to know for sure and I'm bound to say this plaster version doesn't look much like the images I'm used to seeing of this acknowledged genius. On the other hand, our music director, Chris Wolf, got it right away, with one quick glance. Can you name the composer? Here he is, in his natural form and gussied up against the chill. If you think you can ID this dude, then enter our Classic 107 or Bust contest and win swell prizes. We have concert tickets and gift certificates and plenty of good advice to give away. The deadline is Monday, February 10, by noon."

Do you know who it is? If you do email your answer to info@classic107.com OR post your answer on the Classic 107 Facebook page OR tweet us at classic107fm

We'll make the draw on Monday at noon! Good luck!