The postmaster in Rennie is getting community-wide support since the devastating fire in December ripped through the hotel and post office.

During the past five months, Ryan Kuz has been providing postal services from the community club. 

Club President Carol Manlow says the locals have really appreciated being able to access their mail within the community.

Rennie Postmaster Ryan Kuz (submitted)

While this has been a good option for now, she notes this is not a permanent location for postal services.

"Because right now, every time we have an event, he has to move everything out," Manlow says. 

The community is coming together on June 3rd for an all-day fundraising event to help the postmaster move forward. 

"And we’re hoping to raise lots of money so that he can rebuild, and we can have something back in the community,” she says. “And he can be in his own home, again."

Manlow says every service and gathering place is important to those living in the small community, which is why they are all coming together to support Kuz while he considers rebuilding. 

"He has a couple of lots in town," she says. "So, it’s not finalized exactly where it is but there has been plans drawn up." 

The Post Office Fundraiser is planned for June 3rd and activities are planned for the whole day. 

The Doctor Rocktopus band will provide evening entertainment at the social event. Manlow looks forward to seeing everyone come together in support of a valuable local service.

-With files from Carly Koop

post office rebuild fundraiser (submitted)