Environment Canada has issued a blowing snow advisory for the city of Winnipeg, the Red River Valley, and the Interlake. 

With the fresh snowfall and winds gusting between 70 and 80 km/h in certain areas, visibility is being reduced to zero in some spots. 

"A lot of webcams are showing reduced visibility," says Shannon Moodie, meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. "The Winnipeg airport is reporting reduced visibility. Winnipeg is currently just on the edge of the heavier flurries. We're expecting conditions to be the worst this morning."

The advisory is expected to last into Tuesday afternoon for Winnipeg. However, along Highway 75 going into the U.S.A. could see the blowing snow only taper off into the late afternoon or early evening. 

"Strong northerly winds have developed over southern Manitoba in the wake of the departing Alberta Clipper system," says Environment Canada. "These winds will combine with the fresh snow to produce widespread blowing snow. The worst conditions will likely occur on Tuesday morning. This advisory may be upgraded to a blizzard warning for parts of the Red River Valley if conditions deteriorate more aggressively than expected."

With temperatures staying steady between -15 and -18 throughout Tuesday, and windchills reaching -29, there is also a risk of frostbite. 

Environment Canada suggests that people consider postponing non-essential travel until the conditions improve, especially on the highways where blowing snow reduces visibility even more.