Directed by Geung Kroeker-Lee, hear members of PVI perform live in-studio! Find the performance here! Manitoba has long been known as "the singing province" due to the proliferation of choirs in our province. It's estimated that a surprisingly large percentage of Manitobans have sung in a choir at some point in their life. Prairie Voices Inc. (PVI) was formed in 2000 with the creation of Prairie Voices, a community choir open to singers aged 18 to 25. The goal of the choir was to provide a place for young people to continue singing beyond high school. Over time, Prairie Voices grew in size and popularity, including singers from all walks of life. In 2013, Horizon was created as a place for singers who were over the age of 25. Featuring a mix of Prairie Voices alumni and new faces, Horizon allowed even more community members to make singing a part of their life. The fall of 2018 marked the inaugural season of a third choir, Bluestem, a place for singers aged 14-17 who are passionate about music making. On Saturday, March 14th, PVI celebrates their 20th Anniversary with "In the Family" - a performance featuring all three PVI choirs, PVI alumni, three guest conductors, fan favourite pieces, and the premiere of a newly commissioned work.