COVID-19 enforcement officials had a busy week giving out more than 200 warnings and 131 tickets.

Officials have brought forth information to the courts regarding The Church of God (Restoration) Inc. in the R.M. of Hanover, which has repeatedly defied the health orders, holding services and its lead pastor speaking at anti-mask rallies despite gatherings being off-limits due to the pandemic. Officials have "sworn an information" regarding the repeated offences. The "Information Laid" could affect their fine amounts, meaning the church could see a maximum business penalty of $1 million. The fine amount will be determined in court. The church's lead pastor, Tobias Tissen, has a warrant out for him.  

"Still not arrested and looking forward to a wonderful service tomorrow," Tissen writes on Facebook. Tissen shared a pre-recorded service on Sunday.

The province of Manitoba says 219 warnings and 131 tickets were given out for people not following the Public Health Orders. Of the tickets, 124 were $1,296 individual tickets, five $298 for not wearing a mask at an indoor public place, and one $5,000 to a business. 

They caution as the weather warms officials will be out. On the weekend, 35 tickets were given to people for various reasons at provincial parks.

"If the ticket is not responded to during the response period indicated on the ticket, the individual would be default convicted and a $100 default conviction penalty would be applied. In such cases, the individual would also be prohibited from renewing a driver’s license or vehicle registration until the amount is paid. Unpaid amounts are also sent to a collections agency for further collection action," the province says in a statement.