A Winnipeg woman calmly handles a wild animal entering her house and now cautions her neighbours to stay vigilant.

It was a regular Wednesday evening for Cynthia Carr, she had opened the back door of her home near Assiniboine Forest to let her cat back inside and turned her back for one moment when a coyote pup ran into her home.

The creature hid in her dining room. Carr did the smart thing and did not approach the animal.

"I kept my distance and waited for Manitoba Government conservation officer to safely remove the animal," she says in a social media post.

Shortly after contacting the off-duty Manitoba Conservation officer number someone showed up with gloves and a net to capture and relocate the pup. Although the animal remained calm throughout much of the encounter, once the officer attempted to capture it, it became violent.

"Cute but vicious," as Carr described it.

The officer implied that the pup had been hunting the cat which is why it snuck into the home.

"Don't forget that there is risk not just for injury but wild animals can carry infectious disease," says Carr on her social media accounts.

A spokesperson for Manitoba Conservation confirmed the incident was reported through the wildlife tip line (1-800-782-0076).

Provincial officials have captured and euthanized five animals after two children were attacked in the North Kildonan area last month.