Two local wildlife rehab facilities are treating a number of sick birds who were found near a Winnipeg pond. 

Wildlife officials are trying to figure out what it was about the pond in Santa Fe Park in Garden City that killed dozens of birds who were exposed to it. 

Both the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre and Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre say they have some in their care but things aren't looking good. 

Wildlife Haven says they took six birds into care, four of which have died. Meanwhile, Prairie Wildlife posted on Facebook, saying three of the four birds they took in have died. 

Wildlife Haven animal care coordinator Tiffany Lui says this is concerning. 

"In the wild animals get sick and injured all over the place but when it's concentrated in one area, it leads to speculation that something is wrong in that area and in this case, that pond," Lui said. "Finding out what is going on in the pond and what's causing the sickness and injuries can lead to finding out whether this is a human health concern, or a concern for your pets or what kind of wildlife it is affecting." 

"I hear there are fish involved, so from what we can tell right now it's just affecting animals that go in the water." 

Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre/Facebook

Lui says right now they are trying to nurse a gull and a pelican back to health, but it's going to be a challenge to treat them until they know why they're sick.  

"They're in critical care and we're trying to stabilize them and get them healthy," Lui said. "We're just trying to figure things out right now." 

Lui says the city is aware of the issue and tests are being done on the dead birds to see what the problem is. 

City of Winnipeg communications officer Michelle Finley says the city is concerned about the birds and it is working with the Chief Veterinarian's Office to determine the cause by submitting samples of the dead birds for testing. 

Finley says residents are advised not to deal with injured wildlife but to call the city instead. She also says this is a good time to remind people to never use retaining ponds for recreational purposes.