It may be hard to believe, but another season of Music ‘N’ Mavens is about to wrap up. 

Over the past three months on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, audiences have been treated to fantastic and diverse musical performers as well as thoughtful and engaging lectures. 

It all ends with a musical party the likes of which can only be thrown by none other than the Dirty Catfish Brass Bad.  



Jump up and get down with a blast of brass as the DCBB take us on a musical trip to New Orleans.  

“We’re just trying to bring joy through music,” says band manager and member Kyle Wedlake.  

For over a decade, Dirty Catfish Brass Band has been a name synonymous with a good time. Known for their high-level energy and musicianship, the ensemble has performed everywhere and anywhere.  

“We have played in all situations,” says fellow member Todd Martin.  

Weddings, funerals, street corners, festivals, living rooms, and bars are just some of the places that have welcomed a blast of brass.  

“Basically, it’s really a community ensemble and that’s the best thing about it,” he says. “I think that’s what resonates so much with the people of Winnipeg.”  

Bringing a bit of the Big Easy to the Centre of the Continent, DCBB welcomes listeners on a musical trip to New Orleans.  

“We want people to kind of feel like they’re in the streets of New Orleans,” says Wedlake. “Feeling like you’re dancing on the street.” 

Expect a few original tunes and plenty of selections from the second line tradition, as Dirty Catfish Brass Band shuts down the 2024 edition of Music ‘N’ Mavens on Thursday, March 28. 

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