A man from Edmonton is in custody in connection to an investigation involving the trafficking of illicit drugs in Winnipeg's Bridgewater area.

On Friday, October 7, the Guns and Gangs unit located the suspect and executed a traffic stop on Bison Drive and Centre Street. Officers arrested the man and seized $545 in Canadian currency, $85 in U.S. dollars and $50 in Jamaican currency.

On the same date, assisted by the Tactical Support Team, the Guns and Gangs Unit also executed a search warrant at the suspect's home in the 100 block of Appleford Gate. 

Officers found and seized a large quantity of drugs, including approximately 15 Kilograms of Methamphetamine (Estimated Street Value: $75,000), approximately 730 Grams of Cocaine (Estimated Street Value: $52,000) and approximately 168 Grams of Fentanyl (Estimated Street Value: $9,000).

The Guns Guns & Gangs Unit also seized multiple Kilogram wrappers contaminated with cocaine, several Methamphetamine contaminated Tupperware containers, a money counter, a vacuum sealer, three cellphones, over $5800 in Canadian currency and a Jamaican passport in the suspect's name. 

 A 23-year-old man from Edmonton faces a long list of drug charges.

He remains in custody.