Music ‘N’ Mavens has returned to the Rady JCC’s Berney Theatre after a short hiatus and the first musical selection features an album synonymous with Paul McCartney’s post-Beatles work.  

Released in 1973, “Band on the Run” is the third album by Paul McCartney and Wings and is considered to be their greatest critical and commercial success.  

Originally covered as part of Jazz Winnipeg’s Spirit of ‘73 series, celebrated jazz vocalist and songwriter Erin Propp will once again present the album front to back, this time for Music ‘N’ Mavens on Thursday, February 22.  

For more information, visit Music 'N' Mavens online! 

Note that pre-show tickets are sold out and limited seats will be available at the door. 

Hear more about what makes the album so special, how Propp originally settled on the disc, and what it’s like to perform “Sir Paul’s” music in the full conversation below!