The three-day Kultivation Festival will be bringing the whole community of Filipinos together this weekend. 

"In 2020 we were going to do the festival in one central location," says Allan Pineda, the Executive Director of Kultivation Festival. "We had a couple of years to think about it and now we're doing it with a whole bunch of satellite events at different places so Filipino businesses and people can get more exposure with more spaces, events, and venues."

The first annual Kultivation Festival is a three-day weekend event that will take attendees through an immersive journey and showcase the story of our next generation of Filipino culture and innovation in Manitoba.

"We have a drag tiki bar happening at Roughage Eatery on Friday," says Pineda.

Once the committee knew the festival could take place in person this year, they hurried and planned everything within 6-7 weeks. 

"There's ballroom dancing at KANTO's Bar & Lounge on McPhillips. At TableSpace on Saturday we have the Manitoba Filipino Business Council mixer."

They also offer events happening outside of Winnipeg.

"We've also got flower picking out in La Broquerie."

The festival is offering food, art, music and dance, or F.A.M.D. 

"The Filipino community is quite diverse, you know there are young, old, people born here and born in the Philippines. We are trying to combine everybody to have a bunch of collaborations with each other and work together."