Selah Place is an organization dedicated to providing support to young, expectant and postnatal mothers, through safe housing, resources, counsel and life skill training. 


Of Hebrew origin – meaning to praise, lift up, and pause – the word is reflective of the organization and its mission.   

“We really want women to pause with where they are at, and to really work on themselves, to lift themselves up out of the positions they’re in,” says founder Melanie Reimer. 

Focused on building a community of support, Saleh Place aims to help young mothers as they age out of the Child and Family Services (CFS) system.  

“There are times where if a mother was supported instead of having her children apprehended and placed in a foster home, then things might have looked differently,” explains Reimer. By coaching, counseling and encouraging, Selah Place hopes to keep more families together.  

On Saturday, November 5 at the RBC Convention Centre, the first annual “Home for Good” gala is set to happen in support of Selah Place and their mission. A dinner, silent auction and special performance by renowned Dutch-Canadian soprano Monica Huisman are planned.  

“We’re super excited,” says Victoria Hoogerdijk, who serves on the events committee at Selah Place. “(Huisman) is going to sing a couple of selections, but one that we’re really excited for is “Song to the Moon” by Dvorak and then she’s also going to be doing a selection from Phantom of the Opera which she’s going to be duetting with Trevor Schriemer .”  

All funds raised go towards Selah Place and their goal of opening a number of residencies in Winnipeg over the next few months.  

Visit: for tickets and more information.

Selah Gala