A brush fire on the West Perimeter kept Winnipeg fire crews busy for most of Sunday.

Firefighters were called to Centreport Canada Way and the Perimeter Highway just after 4 p.m. yesterday for reports of a vehicle fire. 

When crews arrived, they found the fire had spread from the vehicle to the nearby grass and hay bales. Due to high winds, the grass fire spread rapidly, covering an area roughly the size of two football fields.

Extra crews were dispatched, and water tankers were used to shuttle water to the scene. Using specialized equipment, including a WFPS Bison, they contained and extinguished the fire.

No injuries were reported.

While this grassfire was sparked by a vehicle fire, WFPS expects the number of grass and wildland fires to increase over the coming weeks.

As the ground dries out, WFPS reminds residents to be very cautious when doing any burning.