A Winnipeg mom is beyond blown away by the humble heart of her five-year-old son.

After learning that not everyone had the proper gear to get through winter, Hudson, 5, knew something had to be done.

Together with help from his mother, Bria Lylyk, the pair set up a fundraiser to help them purchase children's winter gear. When all was said and done, the mother-son duo had collected $1812.00.

"A BIG thank you to everybody who helped us reach this goal; we could not have done this without your support!!" said Bria in a Facebook post.

Hudson was excited when it was time to shop for the new winter clothing.

"He must have told me 10 times while out shopping today how excited he is, how proud he feels. He kept me on track to look only at donation stuff (especially when I got distracted passing the cute Christmas decor at Marshall’s) and reminded me at least a few times that it doesn’t matter how it looks or if it matches as long as it helps another kid to be super warm," said Bria on social media. "We couldn’t be done until we had complete snow gear for each child, and if it wasn’t warm enough, he made sure we found something that was."

"I am so proud to be his Mom- this kid is going to go big places with his giant heart. "

All of the gear that was purchased was donated to Koats for Kids.