At the beginning of August, 40 participants will receive the opportunity of entering a 16-week lifeguard training and certification program.

The City of Winnipeg has offered a free lifeguard training program in previous years in response to the current national shortage of both part-time and full-time lifeguards.

The course is 16 weeks long and will open to 40 individuals to receive six courses required to apply as an Instructor Guard with the City. All course materials are free of charge and the program will also provide an opportunity to those who have partial completion of the six required courses.

"By investing in lifeguard training, more children will have the opportunity to learn essential water safety skills," says Mayor Scott Gillingham. "Making the program free will help address the shortage of lifeguards and fill vacant positions within our city so that fewer parents are put on a waitlist to get swimming lessons for their kids."

This free course is a chance for those who face financial barriers to finding employment as an Instructor Guard with the City. The program builds on the success of the initial Instructor Guard Training Program announced in late 2022. The initial 14-week program successfully trained 58 new Instructor Guards and six Aquatic Instructors.

For more information and to apply, visit The deadline to apply is Sunday, July 16, 2023.