Manitoba's furthest north and furthest south health regions are seeing high COVID-19 cases rates Friday.

There are 130 newly confirmed cases of COVID as of Friday morning in Manitoba. This includes 90 people who are not vaccinated, 33 who are fully vaccinated, and seven who are partially vaccinated.

New cases include:

  • 43 in Southern Health Sante Sud
  • 20 in Winnipeg
  • 33 in Northern Health
  • 16 in Prairie Mountain
  • 18 in Interlake-Easter

Two more people have died, bringing the total to 1,217.

There are 927 active COVID cases, and a total of 61,385 confirmed cases in Manitoba. The provincial test rate is 3.4 per cent.

In hospital, there are 90 people, 48 of which have active cases. Of these active cases, 75 per cent are not vaccinated, 19 per cent are fully vaccinated, and six per cent are partially vaccinated. 

In intensive care, there are 14 people, with nine of those people having active cases. Seventy-eight per cent of the active cases are in unvaccinated people, 11 per cent in partially vaccinated, and 11 per cent in unvaccinated people.