In a fun attempt to encourage Winnipeggers to get outside during the cold months, a winterized version of cycling is now available.

Sparks Rentals specializes in offering equipment for many services, AV systems, staging and venue lighting equipment. During winter, one of the three co-founders of Ice Cycles, Sinan Leylek, thought that Winnipeg needed to have something like this since the city is known for being a winter city—Winterpeg most commonly called.

"Ice Cycle started in 2021 in the middle of the pandemic and of course, in the lockdown and there weren't a lot of things that we could do at that we could do at that time, so we thought an outdoor activity was perfect for those times," says Leylek.

Watch the interview with Sinan Leylek at their location at the Winnipeg Rowing Association

What makes Ice Cycles different from regular bicycles is that they have replaced the front wheel with skates. The Ice Trike is the most stable option, according to Leylek. It has two skis and blades on the front with a tire in the back, it is perfect for those who are not yet experienced riders, such as children.

There is also the classic Ice Cycle, which resembles a typical bike but with a single blade to replace the front wheel. To also ensure safety, there is a metal frame which Leylek says resembles the feeling of riding a bike with training wheels.

Last, there is the Tandem Ice Bike which has the capacity for two people to ride, each with their own handlebars and blades that they control. Laylek also introduced the newest addition to their roster, the Minivan Tandem Bike which can seat three small children.


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"Anyone can ride it. We've had people as young as three or four that can get on this, you know, you lower the seats and it's great for the ride up to someone that we had that was their 90th birthday. So it's really open to anyone, as long as they're slightly mobile and able to get on the bike."

Recently, Ice Cyles made the Winnipeg Rowing Club the hub for their operations. 

For those wishing to rent Ice Cycles, Leylek says it is best to reserve them online. Walk-ups are accepted however, there might be a wait time. There will also be pop-up sites at various locations, follow its social media to find where the next one will be.