Ready to raise your voice but fearing it may be a bit rusty? 



This weekend, the Manitoba Choral Association (MCA) presents a “Choir 101” workshop to help singers start the choral season off on the right note. 

“Many choirs over the last two years didn’t do much singing or, if they were singing, a lot of it was done at home,” says workshop leader Dr. Stuart Sladden, whose own choirs are returning to rehearsal in the near future. 

Building on a program developed by the Manitoba Choral Association a few years ago, the Choir 101 workshop is geared towards beginner and novice choristers to help them better understand and prepare for choral rehearsal. 

“We felt that this was a good time to offer this program because many singers may be out of practice in a choir rehearsal… and may be embarking on singing together for the first time in a while,” explains Sladden. 

Taking place Friday, September 9 (7:00 - 9:00 p.m.) and Saturday, September 10 (12:00 - 5:30) at the Canadian Mennonite University, participants will learn about vocal technique fundamentals, basics of music theory, and be provided with some tools for sight-singing and ear training.

Should choristers feel more comfortable attending virtually, there is an online portal that will be enable them to join from their own space. 

Towards the end of the workshop, participants will hear more about the physical and mental benefits of group singing as well as provide their own, real-time feedback. 

“Not only is there a lot of physiological benefits for singing but it’s different for each person and being able to share that amongst a group of people, I think, is very important,” says Sladden. 

Registration for the Choir 101 workshop is $30 for in-person attendance and $20 for virtual. MCA members receive a $5 discount. 

Visit: to register!