Singing is considered to be a universal language, and unity amongst the the world’s voices is the dream of one choir with members across multiple continents. 

Learn more about the World Choir for Peace in a conversation with conductor Nicol Matt, member and choral spokesperson Elizabeth Parsons and Manitoba singer Scott Reimer. 



Founded by renowned conductor Nicol Matt in 2018, the World Choir for Peace (WCP) consists of 24 professional singers from 16 nations — although the number of singers has expanded up to 2,000 with music enthusiasts joining from all over the world.

A global choral effort singing together for peace and the preservation of the planet. 

In the midst of ongoing devastation and suffering inflicted by the Russian war in Ukraine, the WCP joined together virtually to perform John Rutter’s choral response to the global tragedy. 

Composed in the early days after the invasion, Rutter’s pleading setting of an anonymous three line text is taken up by the multitude of glorious voices, including many singers from Ukraine and one Manitoba representative.