Highway 75 north of Morris is once again open to traffic.

The dike there was closed on April 29th due to rising flood waters. The province is now reporting that Highway 75 is accessible again for all north and southbound traffic from Winnipeg to the U.S. border.

As well, Highway 23 west of Morris has also reopened. 

Crews worked to dismantle the dike on Monday. (Courtesy Clayton Dreger)Crews worked to dismantle the dike on Monday. (Courtesy Clayton Dreger)

Meanwhile, a flood warning remains for the Red River from Emerson to the Red River Floodway.

A flood warning remains for Shannon Creek, Morris and Little Morris rivers.

A flood watch remains for Roseau River.

Water levels on most Red River tributaries have crested and are declining.

According to Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure, the high water will remain for an extended period.