The six concert series produced by Karla Berbrayer for the Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre, In Perfect Harmony, is coming to a virtual close. Read more about the final performance! 

Over the past 4 weeks, the Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre “In Perfect Harmony” online concert series has treated audiences to virtual performances by members of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and other local virtuoso players. 

Produced by Karla Berbrayer, the final concert presents WSO Associate Principal Horn Ken MacDonald. 

“It’s really delightful that Karla has put this series together,” says Ken MacDonald. “It’s an absolutely terrific idea so everyone can stay safe at home.”

Like so many musicians, the opportunity for MacDonald to perform has been few and far between the past 15 months, describing the chance as “very rare these days.” 

Joining MacDonald for the performance will be pianist Laura Loewen, who will also be performing a solo number. “I just love hearing Laura’s playing, she’s very adventurous,” says MacDonald, who is eager to return to performing chamber music. 

“There’s this kind of a freedom and interplay that can happen, and a real kind of communication and kind of spontaneity that happens with chamber music.” 

In a program featuring music of the Mendelssohns (Felix and Fanny), Mozart and Davidoff, the recital streams online as of May 14. To register, visit:

In the full conversation below, hear Ken sing some Mendelssohn, discuss Felix’s relationship with sister Fanny, metaphorically relate the orchestra to a heaving ship on the ocean, recount his personal experience hearing the Stradivarius “Davidoff” cello, and more!