It was a beautiful weekend with highs near 20 degrees in certain parts of Manitoba. However, the weather is about to take a drastic change as a Colorado Low makes its way into the province this week.

"It's a rollercoaster out there," said Jason Knight, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. "It's still going to be nice today and tomorrow, but things take a turn for the worse Tuesday night."

Knight says we will see rain move in late Tuesday as a Colorado Low enters Manitoba. 

"We're looking at about 20 mm or thereabouts for Tuesday and Wednesday," said Knight. "Unfortunately, temperatures are going to continue to cool down, and that's going to turn to snow for Thursday and early Friday."

In southern Manitoba, including Winnipeg, we can expect to see a few centimetres of snow and highs hovering near plus 1. 

"Some of it might stick around, but hopefully it will melt down," said Knight. "It's not quite time to put away the winter tires."

Meanwhile, a special weather statement has been issued further north towards Thompson. 

"We could be looking at around 30 centimetres of snow and temperatures hovering near zero," Knight explained. "Toward that northern band, Lynn Lake, Thompson, that area, they're looking at a solid return to winter."

By Friday, Jason says the system will have rolled out, and we should be back up to double digits and sunshine.