Two days after an intense winter storm, southern Manitoba is under a heavy snowfall warning as a second Montana low makes it way into the province.

"We got another one," says Rose Carlsen, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada (EC). "This one is not forecasted to be quite as intense as the other one we just got through. However, we are looking at a swath of 10-15 cm of snow from Brandon to just east of Winnipeg."

According to EC in certain areas, the snowfall amount could be higher than that. 

"It'll probably be wet, heavy snow at first," says Carlsen. "Then, as the system starts to pull off and we start to get a little bit of the colder air from the north it'll start to fluff up a little bit more."

On Sunday the factors that made the system so hard for people commuting were the high winds, creating a layer of ice on the roads and near zero visibility at times. This system on Wednesday will not have those same high winds but rather a decent amount of snowfall. 

"We're expecting any reduced visibilities will likely be more in the falling snow rather than wind-driven snow."

Overall Environment Canada says the system will move through the area quite quickly, starting Wednesday afternoon and finishing up early Thursday morning.