Explore musical haunts at a free show at the Manitoba Museum this Friday.  

Featuring the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, “Music from Musical Ghosts” draws on the historical narrative prepared by Winnipeg musician, historian and author Owen Clark.  



Released in 2008, "Musical Ghosts” explores Manitoba’s jazz and dance bands from 1914-1966.  

“I started researching in 1993,” recounts Clark. Singers, bands, orchestras, venues, halls, locales, and more are profiled in the extensive exposé.   

The opportunity to once again showcase the project was a welcome one for the venerable musician. Though it wasn’t without a twinge of sadness, given how many of the musicians have died and locations that have disappeared since.  

“This was a chance for me to look back at a lot of the clubs that I played in and dance halls,” says Clark. “Musicians that I worked with and the music that I wrote.”   

His first tune, for instance, was written was while gigging at Chan’s Moon Room Cabaret, aptly titled “Chan’s Cha-Cha.” 

Clark will host the free Friday programming at the Manitoba Museum featuring the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra.  

“This is a celebration,” says Owen Clark. “In those years, we had a lot of playing to do.”   

The concerts take place in Alloway Hall, performances at 6:15 pm and 7:45 pm. Free to the public though space is limited.  

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