A musical retrospective highlights the Jewish individuals and personalities that helped shape the vibrant classical music scene in Winnipeg and beyond. 


Presented by the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada, the event expands on a previous presentation by local rock historian John Einarson that looked at the contributions of the Jewish community in the rock ‘n’ roll scene.  

“(The event) was so well received, someone suggested they should maybe look at the classical side of things too,” says presenter James Manishen.  

An artistic advisor to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra – and whiz when it comes to all things musical – Manishen was tapped by composer Sid Robinovitch for the presentation.  

“Sid is our most distinguished Manitoba Jewish composer,” says Manishen, who notes that Robinovitch will highlight some of his own works, how one composes, various forms and influences.  

For his part, Manishen has picked roughly a dozen musicians and their far-reaching impacts on the classical music world, though he admits there could have been plenty more. 

“There are a lot of musicians who came out of (Winnipeg),” says an apologetic Manishen. “So many names and so little time” 

All but one of the individuals he will feature are ones with whom Manishen has or had a personal connection.  

Audio recordings and photographs will augment the anecdotes he will share.  

The event is free of charge, with a Q&A session – that can get “pretty lively” from what Manishen has been told! – as well as refreshments on Thursday, May 2.  

7 p.m. in the Berney Theatre at the Rady JCC.  

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