Over the past couple of weeks we have been inviting choirs from around Winnipeg to perform in our Classic 107 Studio. Christmas is a time for singing and with Manitoba’s proud Choral tradition there is no better way to celebrate the holiday season with the sounds of the voices rejoicing in the merriment of the season.

The students from Linden Christian School’s Grade 7 honor choir stopped by our studio to give us some holiday cheer. The choral component of the school’s performing arts program is the embodiment of the robust choral community we have in the province of Manitoba.

Linden Christian School goes from kindergarten all the way up to Grade 12 and students are encouraged to sing in whatever grade they are in. Jana Reid is the Choral Director for the middle years students at Linden Christian, as she explains,”We have a lot of choirs. My middle years program has six choirs. The high school program has I believe, five choirs of its own, and then our early years program has seasonal choirs.” The school also has three choral teachers. There is Jana Reid for middle years, as well as Kim Neufeld directing senior choirs, and Brenda Johnson leading the early years choral department.

The students in the Grade 7 Honor Choir had a very successful concert on Wednesday, December 13th, and rounding out there holiday season they stopped by our studio to perform one of the real hits on the program, a very enjoyable set of theme and variation on the tune “Jingle Bells.”

You can hear and see their fantastic performance of Jingle Allll the Ways by watching the video. Truly a joyous way to bring us into this Christmas long weekend!