The wily and omnipotent Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The grief-stricken Don Margolis in Breaking Bad. The voice of Discord in My Little Pony. The troubled Eugene Bradford in Days of Our Lives.  

These are but a few of the many roles portrayed by the venerable American actor, director, producer, writer John de Lancie.  



In Winnipeg to narrate his own adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's Peer Gynt with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, John de Lancie joined Simeon in the Classic 107 studio to chat about his career, the brilliant incidental music composed by Grieg, de Lancie’s own musical upbringing and more.  

The WSO’s Beyond Classics Peer Gynt takes place on Saturday, January 21 at the Centennial Concert Hall beginning at 7:30 p.m. Featuring sopranos Andrea Lett and Julie Lumsden, alongside the University of Manitoba Singers all led by maestro Daniel Raiskin.  
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