Join the students of the Desautels Faculty of Music Musical Theatre Ensemble as they celebrate La Vie Bohème this weekend!  

Featuring scenes from Anne of Green Gables, Hamilton, Little Shop of Horrors, Little Women, Phantom of the Opera, Something Rotten, The Sound of Music and, of course, Rent, the show features student performers from the University of Manitoba.  

“The wonderful thing about musical theatre is there is something for everybody,” says Donna Fletcher, faculty instructor and director of the production. “Everybody’s age, everybody’s voice type, everybody's fach – if we want to use an opera term. So that’s what the joy of it is for me, is to find things that suit what the students bring to the ensemble.”  

The 30-plus performers take over the Gas Station Arts Centre this weekend, performing Saturday, March 9th at 7 p.m. with a matinee Sunday at 2.  

For tickets and more details, follow the link!  

Director Donna Fletcher plus a trio of performers, Christopher Dunn, Kris Cahatol and Sandra Goetz were in studio to tell us more!