Winter has arrived here in Winnipeg and for those experiencing homelessness, it's even tougher than normal. 

Thinking back to when she originally came to Canada, it didn't take long for Kanyinsola to realize how cold it can get.

"I remember being homeless. I didn't have anywhere to go. It was in the winter and was so cold. Imagine coming from a tropical country, and this is your first winter. I almost lost my toes because I didn't wear socks under my boots, and no one told me about that. That experience will change your life," Kanyinsola shared. 

Now a part of Leadership Winnipeg, Kanyinsola and Grace Wedlake are hoping to collect winter clothes to help keep others warm so they don't have to experience what Kanyinsola did. 

"Any winter boots, coats, jackets, mittens, and gloves would be great," Wedlake shared.

The group initiative, Warm Our Winnipeg, says they're looking for sizes medium and up, especially in men's jackets. 

If you have any winter clothes to pass on, they can be dropped off at the Convention Centre on the second floor at the security table or the CHVN and Classic 107 office at 741 St. Mary's Road.  

All items collected will be donated to Agape Table.

Check out the full video below.