Manitoba could see some significant flooding this spring. 

The province's Hydrologic Forecast Centre released its latest spring flood outlook, saying there is now a major risk of flooding on the Red River and a low to moderate risk of flooding in most Manitoba basins.

The province says recent precipitation events south of the border in the United States have increased the flood risk to major on the Red River.

The flood risk is low to moderate in the Interlake region along the Fisher and Icelandic rivers and the Assiniboine River. The risk of spring flooding is generally low along several other rivers, including the Souris, Roseau, Rat and Pembina rivers. Water levels are expected to remain below community and individual flood protection levels.

There is also a low risk of flooding for most other Manitoba basins, including the Saskatchewan River, Whiteshell lakes area and northern Manitoba. With the exceptions of Dauphin Lake and Lake St. Martin, most Manitoba lakes, including Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba, are projected to remain within operating ranges after the spring run-off.

The province says it will use the Red River Floodway to reduce water levels within Winnipeg. Operation of the Portage Diversion is also anticipated to prevent ice jamming on the Assiniboine River east of Portage la Prairie and control river levels in Winnipeg and areas along the Assiniboine River downstream of Portage la Prairie.

Ice cutting and breaking are already underway on the Red and Icelandic rivers.

The spring flood outlook is dependent upon weather conditions between now and the spring melt.