The countdown is on as the October 3 provincial election draws near.

With just a few days to go before the provincial election, the Manitoba Liberals announced they would help recruit and retain health care workers by addressing longstanding issues in the public health care system, which includes ensuring burnout is covered under the Worker's Compensation Act.

“Professionals in the health care system continue to work mandated overtime, which is resulting in nurses and health professionals leaving the public system for more costly agency positions,” said Rhonda Nichol, Manitoba Liberal Party Candidate for Kirkfield Park. 

If elected, the Manitoba Liberals will commit to reviewing the Workers Compensation Act to expand coverage for burnout benefits for all health care workers, establish a 20% tax credit for nurses and other health care workers for their shoes and uniforms, and ensure that child care centres are co-located to hospitals, clinics, and access centres. 

“Until we can restore the physical and mental health of those in charge of providing the care for all of us, the system will never get better,” said Manitoba Liberal Party Leader Lamont. “Now is the right time to invest in the care of our frontline workers so they can get back to doing what they do best - providing high-quality professional care for all Manitobans.”